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Week 2: Should we compromise journalism standards?

In short, no. Absolutely not. Compromising journalism standards is a quick and slippery slope that would no doubt lead to a sad end of fact-based journalism.

What we need is a new, whole-hearted dedication to the standards of journalism and reporting. We need each and every new reporter to understand why fact-checking matters. We need journalists who aren’t as concerned with being first as they are about being right. In a society that has become reliant on instant information, we journalists need to take the time to check that information, do the digging, and come up with the entire truth and context so that the people are informed.

In this day and age, the amount of information available to the public is staggering and terrifying in terms of the inaccuracies and half-truths. My parents frequently repost utter non-sense on their social media and they believe it’s factual. People don’t take the time to double check stories or facts– so we journalists need to.

I also really enjoyed the idea behind the mirror and candle’s theory piece we read this week. I think providing the public with clear, unbiased information is the first job of the journalist. However, by researching and reporting on these topics, I also think the journalist is more informed than the average citizen. Editorial writing can be very powerful and it can call for action, something essential for change.


One thought on “Week 2: Should we compromise journalism standards?

  1. These are good points, Sarah. Perhaps in time, sound journalistic practices will allow valid reporting to rise above the noise online. The framers of the Constitution, being good citizens of The Enlightenment armed with Locke’s theories, believed truth would always prevail. But they certainly did not anticipate algorithms that could custom-fit a news feed to a reader’s biases.


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